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  • Nithi Foods - The Bank of Spices

    We handle spices like a bank handle your money.



    Before our product is delivered, there are tremendous work and care we put in place for you behind the scene -starting from our tenured supplier network, our experiences to navigate the market ups and downs, our financial strength to secure raw materials into our warehouse, our food safety certified production facility, our strict quality assurance programs and our mindful staffs who adhere to our good governance principle from end to end.



    We are experienced in this highly seasonal market and work closely with our suppliers. We source materials timely and store them in our well-guarded warehouse. We do not engage in commodity speculation. We are conservative in our financial position.


    We pay high attention to detail when it concerns food safety. We always make decision based on what is best for our customers. We stand behind our products to resolve any issues and put effort to install effective preventions.


    Together with our products we provide technical support such as product specifications, annual product test reports, certificate of analysis as well as our strategic supply planning to navigate this hard-to-predict commodity market.
















  • Product Lists

    Dehydrated Products

    Code      Description    

    15802     Garlic Powder 

    15807     Garlic Coarse
    14104     Shallot Powder
    15507     White Pepper Powder
    15609     Black Pepper Powder
    15603     Black Pepper Coarse
    13004     Paprika Chili Powder
    11004     Red Bird Chili Powder
    13504     Green Chili Powder
    15000     Ground Coriander Seed
    15001     Shredded Ginger
    15002     Ginger Powder
    15104     Chinese Parsley Powder
    15203     Lemongrass Powder
    15303     Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder
    15400     Galangal Flake
    15404     Galangal Powder

    Fried Products

    Code      Description

    16903     Fried Garlic

    New        Fried Shallot

    New        Fried Onion

    New        Fried Kaffir Lime Leaf   

    New        Fried Chili

    16800     Garlic Infused Oil    

    16212     Shallot Infused Oil

    N54008   Red Chili Infused Oil   

    N54011   Green Chili Infused Oil

    N54016   Ginger Infused Oil

    N54007   Lemongrass Infused Oil 

    N54017   Kaffir Lime Infused Oil

    N54006   Galangal Infused Oil 

    N54020   Tom Yum Infused Oil

    N54049   Ginger Garlic Infused Oil

    N54056   Satay Infused Oil

    Seasoning Products

    Code     Description

    New      Tom Yum Seasoning

    New      Green Curry Seasoning

    New      Yellow Curry Seasoning

    New      Massaman Curry Seasoning

    New      Panang Curry Seasoning

    New      Tom Kha Gai Seasoning

    New      Garlic Seasoning

    New      Holy Basil Seasoning

    New      Black Pepper Seasoning

    New      Sweet & Sour Seasoning 

    New      Hot Chili Seasoning

    New      All Purpose Seasoning

    New      Buffalo Wing Seasoning



    In Food Services 

    Profit = Quality + Innovation


    Nithi Foods is capitalizing on our strengths in spices & seasoning to expand our offerings to the Food Service Industry, also known as HoReCa : Hotel - Restaurant - Catering. We aim to help food service organizations increase profits with our Quality and Innovation.


    First – Our products are manufactured under strict food safety and of high quality.
    Second – Our products aim to lower kitchen operating costs by standardizing recipes, combining ingredients and easy to keep– hence will lower your procurement costs, kitchen staff and ensure consistency of outcomes.
    Third – Our products are offered in both traditional and fusion recipes – we aim to research more exciting Asian cuisines – with our specialization in Thai Food.





  • The Asian Fusion Food

    East Kitchen


    “The New Asian Cooking” – we bring essences of Asia’s famous recipes for you to create a unique dish in your favorite cooking style. We formulate our mixes with real Asian ingredients to help you cook real Asian flavor anywhere in the world.


    How to Cook: East Kitchen® allow you to cook in many styles – such as Curry, Soup, Stir Fry, Sauce, Marinate, Salad Dressing, etc.


  •  Today Lifestyle

    Easy & Creative

      Nithi Foods offers range of consumer products that

    simplify cooking of your meals while it is fun and creative.

  • Urban Farm

    Instant Vegetables

    From fresh vegetables, we carefully select, peel, wash, cut, cook, dry & mix many kinds of vegetables for you to make a wonderful meal for your family. Many colors of vegetables represent well balanced nutrition without any use of MSG or preservative.


    How to cook: Add Urban Farm® Instant Vegetables into your electric rice cooker, instant noodle or soup cooking. To rehydrate use water in a bowl and put into a microwave oven for 3 minutes.


    Urban Farm

    Rice Seasoning

    The original “Fried Rice Without Frying” – everything is done in a rice cooker. One pack contains seasoning powder, seasoning oil, & dehydrated mixed vegetables.  No use of MSG, preservative, or artificial coloring.


    How to cook: Prepare rice, water, & Urban Farm® Rice Seasoning packet. Add everything in your rice cooker, stir &begin cooking. Once cooking is completed allow for few minutes then stir & serve. 


    Pocket Chef

    Fried Rice Mix

    “A Magic Chef in Your Pocket” – Turn your everyday rice into something exciting! Easy to cook & to keep. One pack for one serving. Try stir fry with spaghetti, pasta or noodle fro more creative recipes.


    How to Cook: Heat 1 Tbsp cooking oil with egg, vegetables or meat. Add 250 g. of cooked white rice (optional: pasta or noodle) & 1 sachet of Pocket Chef® Fried Rice Mix. Stir fry thoroughly and ready to serve.

    Pocket Chef

    Food Service Pack

    Offer more exciting fried rice to your menu items while keeping your kitchen simple with our "Pocket Chef® Food Service Pack" One pack of 500 g. can serve 40 dishes consistently & every time.


    How to Cook: Heat 1 Tbsp cooking oil with egg, vegetables or meat. Add 250 g. of cooked white rice (optional: pasta or noodle) & 1 Tbsp (15 g.) of Pocket Chef® Fried Rice Mix. Stir fry thoroughly and ready to serve.

    East Kitchen

    Sauce Mix

    First time to bring Thai recipes into Asian Fusion concept with authentic taste and ease of cooking. Create steak sauce, Japanese style curry rice or salad dressing. 


    How to Cook: Heat vegetable oil, cook meat on high heat. Add water, East Kitchen Sauce Mix, stir until dissolve then add vegetables, bring to boil. Stir until curry thicken then garnish.

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  • About Us

    Located in Chiang Mai, the hub of northern Thailand and the heart of the Greater Mekong Subregion, we are close to spices and herbs growing communities that provide us an access to quality and abundant produces season after season. We believe in being a good citizen to our local community. We create good jobs for many and we buy raw materials from around the area whenever we can.

    Our Beginning

    Founded in 1998, Nithi Foods started as a family business to serve the food industry with best possible quality dehydrated spices and spice infused seasoning oil. We are one of the first few spice production facilities in Thailand to be certified in HACCP and we keep on improving ourselves to reach Food Safety System Certification 22000. In 2011, Nithi Foods was awarded Investment Promotion from Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) to further expand our operations into seasoning manufacturing.

    Our Culture

    When ask - What are Nithi Foods’ management principles?  We proudly say it is the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of His Majesty the King Bhumibol of Thailand. We adopt the principles of Reasonableness – Moderation - and Immunity on the foundation of morality and knowledge when making decisions and in business practices.


      Credible Creative Care

    Everybody at Nithi Foods shared our core values

    based on “Nithi Foods 3 Cs”



    Credible - We are trustworthy people

    Creative - We learn, we think, we innovate

    Care - We care for each other, environment 

    & our community


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    Email: info@nithifoods.co.th

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